We welcome unsolicited submissions to Second Man Publishing.  If you are considering submitting something for publication, please carefully read the following Submission Guidelines:

All submissions must:

-contain the author’s name and at least one form of contact information

be double-spaced and in a legible, professional font (ex. 12 pt. Times New Roman)

contain the title of the submission (including any sub-titles) at the top of the first page

-include absolutely no plagiarism – any submission may be rejected immediately on these grounds

Authors submitting work should also consider:

The audience.  Remember that this is a publisher dedicated to serving the Body of Messiah.  There are no strict rules about content, but one should consider whether elements in the text (specifically for fictional works) are there to edify others and bless the Creator.

With this in mind, please be thoughtful and minimize any or all profanity, gratuitous sex and violence, promotion of sorcery or witchcraft, promotion of drug and alcohol abuse, and any other needlessly explicit immoral behavior.

Again, there are no strict rules on these things, and any decisions on acceptance of content is left up to the editor’s discretion.  We recognize that in both fiction and non-fiction texts, it is sometimes necessary to describe the actions of the “bad guys”, and that sometimes even the “good guys” do bad things.  Just simply keep in mind the intended audience of the text and this publisher.

Note on content rights:

Throughout the entire submission and review process, a manuscript will be considered to be under the full ownership of the author.  

This right may only change upon an agreement or contract between the author and Second Man Publishing after acceptance of the work for publication.

How to submit:

-Electronically: send an email to with the manuscript attached in an accepted format (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, etc.)  Please also include the word ‘Submission’ in the title of your email.

-By mail: 

Second Man Publishing

19 E 48th Street, Apt. 2

Holland, MI  49423

Be sure to include both a return address and at least one other form of contact information.

-Please allow 3-4 weeks for a reply.

-Second Man Publishing accepts both fiction and non-fiction texts.  We also accept other works such as short stories, poems, short plays, and song lyrics, which we may consider publishing online or in other formats.

Note on multiple submissions:

While we, like all publishers, prefer that you send your material exclusively to us, we also understand this is often not always the reality of the situation.  As a courtesy, we simply ask that you inform us immediately if you need to withdraw your submission for any reason at all.

Thank you for your submission!  Sincerely, we appreciate each and every submission we receive.  May you be abundantly blessed.


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