Brief bios about the authors and artists published by Second Man Publishing.

Jared Leys currently lives in Holland, MI with his wife.  He has a B.A. in Writing from Grand Valley State University.  He has a passion to serve people by sharing stories about life and the meaning thereof.  In his free time, he runs his personal blog called Crauhnice.

Jenna  Comfort lives in Texas, striving to do the work Yahweh places on her heart to do. She has a blog called The Narrow Passage, where she posts things she hopes and prays will inspire other people. When she isn’t writing inspirational posts, she is writing music and fictional stories that she also hopes will be an encouragement to all those who hear and read them.

Annette Meyer says of herself: “I’m an opinionated, kindhearted overzealous fixer who loves to stay in pajamas as much as possible while being a stay at home 24/7/365 unpaid caregiver to both aged parents and most recently being supportive of a sibling with two disabled offspring. Being a good intentioned person who often struggles with my attitude about dysfunctional people (not the handicapped ones!) who make life harder than it needs to be, I embrace the “Fruits of the Spirit” lifestyle. My favorite things are praying, writing, quietness, laughing, coffee, hiking, helping others in need, accomplishing whatever needs to be done in an efficient manner without muss or fuss, and in my spare time, I like sleeping.”


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