Sweet Moments

I walked the night for moments few
Feet bare to earth’s chilling dew

I shall stay but some short time
to feel this night, this touch in rhyme

‘Twould be a blessing evermore
To be so near to heavens door.

Speak in me your love I pray
Remind me on these precious days

How caring touch does comfort bring
With kind words and patience
      a sad soul sings.

Reflecting peace in all my steps
Where e’er my pathway leads,
Breathe your grace into my core
And draw us, ever, closer, more!


Tonight for the first time in months I have the opportunity to sit on the porch swing and wait.

I’m waiting for my tired senses to awaken to the nocturnal trillings and chirpings of so many little buggy creatures. Cicadas, tree frogs, anonymous wind-stirred rustlings, thumps, skitterings in the dark corners of the porch, a sleepy meowling of a kitten, the far off hooting of an owl, these are among my favorite noises in the night.

I’m taking some personal time to wait outside; my first in literally months!  Somehow here in the open air, the rotation in my world is beginning to feel balanced again. Mom, who had replacement hip surgery weeks ago has finished the allotted time at rehab and been sent home. Sadly, even though she needs more time and therapy to recover from the broken leg (the bone was broken during the hip replacement surgery!) Medicare has refused the swingbed extension request. So, she’s out of the rehab center and I am again gearing up to make do at home.

With Daddy sleeping in one room, she in another, and I myself running between them for the past few hours, they are both settled in for the night and I have escaped to the outside to breathe for awhile.

The moon above is shining brilliantly. It’s a good thing that I cannot stay out here for very long; I might get moonburned!

The next few weeks will no doubt be hectic with two disabled parents on my hands but I know that I will see the guiding hand of the Creator of all life at work and be able to appreciate the blessings that come through these intense times of life.

Tonight, Daddy felt up to taking a walk down the hallway to say goodnight to Mom. She was propped up on her pillows resting after the stress of moving and trying to settle in at home.

One of the delights in my life these days is to be a witness to unguarded interactions between these two that have been together for 61 years.

I LOVE those sweet moments when I see the young lovers of long ago shine out of faces that are now aged and drawn!

As Daddy pushes his walker through Mom’s doorway she smiles and her eyes brighten.

Mom to Daddy: ‘Well, you’re looking pretty good tonight!’

Daddy: (bows his head while sheepishly grinning from ear to ear) ‘Well, thank you very much for saying that, it’s really good to see you too!’

M: I have to sleep in here for a little while till my leg heals up more.

D: I know, you need to take good care of yourself and get better quick.

With Parkinson’s, any car trip is hard for Daddy. It takes all his energy to go for even a short distance. While Mom was in rehab he and I had managed to visit her twice on days when he felt pretty good. They talked on the phone daily and declared how much they missed each other as they said their ‘I love you, good nights!’

I am now an adult woman with grandchildren of my own but that little girl that still remains inside me will always treasure the moments as I witness those ‘I’ve loved you forever’ looks, the ‘just between you and me’ grins, and that special ‘you are the twinkle in my eyes’ that remains for each other after all these 61 years! … that’s nothing but priceless!

With the expected months of recovery all still ahead of us, it’s gonna be a long summer. Thanks for every thought, every prayer and all the words of encouragement you send this way!

I hope that you have a positive week ahead and that you are kept busy counting all your daily blessings rather than your few minor troubles until next time.


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