by Annette Meyer

The promised rains started falling before midnight. Soft and soothing, steadily drumming out the rhythms on the roof and in the rocks surrounding the house. By the sounds of it, a thousand happy tree frogs out there are having themselves a Par-tay in the warm liquid tonight! I am lulled into a peaceful night’s rest with Mr. Sandman humming a symphonic lullaby of rainsongs to dream by.

The clock said 3:30 a.m. when a bolt of lightning exploded outside the window, as bright as the noonday and quite intent upon waking up the world! The instant crack of thunder booming that shook the house pealed me right up out of dreamland and deposited me back upon my pillow wide eyed in the middle of one serious thunderstorm!  Lying awake, just listening to the sheets of rain hammering, those same rains that have lulled me into a peaceful heavy sleep for hours now.  I smile for it reminds me of warm midsummer nights and dreams to come.

One huge, house rattling boom right above us; thunder rumbling away as if to say “you must wake up and appreciate the music of the skies tonight.”

Makes me glad that I was able to clear the clogged drain pipe out beside the mailbox on Friday. The house sits on high ground here, so keeping the drainpipe free of winter’s leaves wouldn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things for us, but it keeps the drainage ditches cleared for flood control with gully washers like this one.  :-)

Well, the crescendo of the storm is declining and the interrupted sleep program shall now be resumed – oh wait, here comes another wave of heavy rain to pound the roof and be listened to… :-)

…as I prepare to sleep, my thoughts drift into wondering how much snow this weather pattern will drop to the North of us? Sorry folks, the rain clouds were set on WARM temperature when they left here!

Be safe everyone, stay warm and dry and remember that in the very near future Spring is coming to a neighborhood near you!


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