Warrior Cat Spring

by Annette Meyer

This first day of March, I find myself enjoying a beautifully warm springlike morning in the South! The hummingbird feeder is filled with fresh nectar, installed by the window, awaiting our smallest supercharged feathered visitors of this season. With the arrival date as yet unknown, my parents and I all watch out the kitchen window with anticipation, eager to announce their arrival to the household!  

I have been busy this morning clearing out Mom’s rose bushes, pulling old dead canes out before the new growth takes over. The bushes drew blood a few times but not so much as in past years. Probably because I got to them earlier this time than previous years. I am grateful for having suffered less scratches, so I am celebrating by taking a break; just sitting and swinging, listening and breathing, praising and loving the day; The collection of older cats gathered around the dish are chomping, leisurely finishing their mid-morning snack.

The ever energetic, teenaged Kit Kat is out there stalking a rock, leaping and dodging about, pouncing upon Rock at some precise moment, but is suddenly repelled by Rock’s unknown self-defense mechanism that human eyes cannot see! Motionlessly the rock, a master of patience, awaits; as old as the world, and wise to the fickle ways of teenagers, knowing that the waiting game is a powerful weapon when used properly against nosy young cats. Kit impatiently retreats again, sidles away to confer with several older cats as they lounge about in the sun, lazily observing this futile conflict.  He soon wanders away as the elders mostly ignore the persistent pestering. With long stretching yawns their scarred faces settle into a contemplative mask as their eyelids grow heavy. They fall asleep, paws occasionally twitching and flexing, perhaps dreaming of their younger cat years and their own past battles lost to that ever patient Rock.

Having received no encouragement or support in his quest, Kit Kat for a moment sits and assesses the futility of yet another attack. He yawns and sighs deeply, then bowing low, a somber, wiser kitten respectfully concedes defeat to the supremacy of Rock and moves humbly away.  The masterful Rock, having known the inevitable outcome before the beginning, watches motionlessly as yet another eager kitten, now much wiser in the techniques of non-combatant victories turns to make a graceful retreat.

Kit wanders into the shady spot and rests for a while, sulking silently as he cleans his ruffled fur. Battles are messy and a warrior cat’s armor must be mended. Ever vigilant, his attention is soon drawn to yonder’s noisy rustling of the large army of dried leaves preparing for a march across the yard with the whispering wind as their instigator. But Kat suspects that leaves, only here for a short season, do not know the patient ways of Rock, as they continue to clash together and skitter around, collectively rumbling their carefree challenge to whomever will answer.

Rested, honor restored, armor fur again glistening in the sun, Kit Kat warrior cat extraordinaire soon assumes attack mode, low to the ground, ears perked and tail swishing slyly. One young cat against overwhelming odds? Challenge accepted! Scatter, to the winds you fickle leaves, surrender or you shall suffer utter feline defeat!

Kit leaps boldly into the midst of the pile of leaves amassed against the towering oak tree. The battle is ablaze, yet I must rise to get back to my human duties inside.

I’m looking forward to many more hours of smiles, laughter and spiritual revelation to be spent out here on Grandma Geneva’s homemade front porch swing. I get so easily inspired to write as I disconnect from my daily cares and allow myself to connect with the beauty to be found in the nature that surrounds me.

Now go have yourself one great week!


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