December Fourteen

by Annette Meyer

December 14, 2016: Hello once again from snowy New Hampshire. This past week I was still on this unexpected journey of self-discovery. Since I can’t effectively put my evolving insights into comprehensible words to share with anyone yet, and since I like revisiting memories from a few years back on occasion I am offering a post that was actually written two years ago while I was thoroughly enjoying the sunny warm Mississippi weather. It’s quite a contrast in temperatures from that day compared to this particular nights expected 7-degree temp! Brrrrr, I can hear that the wind has picked up a bit and it’s COLD out there!

However, I’m cozy inside the back shack, wood heater is working just fine and I’m soon going to enjoy some amazing sleep.

I hope you enjoy the beauty of a past December evening in Mississippi as much as I do remember in it.

Ya’ll bundle up and stay warm now you hear!

December 14, 2014: One yappy chihuahua from up the road has turned on full bark mode; insistent little creature!  A deer-sized animal moving slowly through the brush, a constant subdued roar of civilization; those planes, trains and automobiles, clash with nature’s restful sounds of the surrounding night.

The evening is brighter as the yard security light reflects off the nice thin white clouds hovering over us. Star collections can be seen twinkling steadily through the thinness, and occasional blinking lights from airplanes streak slowly across the horizon, but sadly for awe inspiring meteorites not so much.

Behind my stargazing post, several house windows glow dimly, reflections of the bedroom lights; inside there it’s filled with warmth and comfort, with love and challenges. Out here it’s a bit chilly, and all the nocturnal world’s creatures live by instinct and each species moves at its own pace for growing and surviving.

I watch the breathtaking beauty of the evening sky and enjoy my solitude for a little while; it’s unusual for me to take the liberty of spending my free time out here lately. Too many irons in the fire, and enduring nippy fingers and toes on cloudy nights are not my happy thoughts these days. The serenity I find in this “just me and Him” quiet time spent outside truly brings healing into my soul; I need that.

Soon the time comes to head back in and get the evening’s cleaning finished and everyone settled into bed. Here’s hoping we get to sleep all night without interruption.

Pleasant dreams ya’ll and to all a good night!


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