by Annette Meyer

Prayer: “Father thank you for reminding me that what I have is temporary but that who I am is eternal. Give me a heart that loves to give instead of to receive. Help me make decisions and choices that are generous instead of greedy. I pray that others would see YOU in the way that I give myself away in service and that I would never count on earthly possessions for the peace and contentment that only You can give.”

This morning I gaze out the window from inside a cozy warm homey cabin in the woods. I enjoy the peace found in watching pure white snowflakes as they drift silently downwards; the absence of wind to push them in unexpected directions with a puff here, a whoosh there, wherever it wills.

Last week I fully expected to visit New Hampshire for a day, perhaps two. Unexpected events (the automobile accident) have changed the itinerary and we are still hanging out here; a full week later. There was no snow on the ground when we arrived but it’s been gently falling off and on for the past four days. Not a lot of accumulation, not much wind to stir it about. That’s good because I’m not dressed for dealing with blizzard conditions.

This intermission in my life was definitely not scheduled, also not completely spontaneous, but a necessity because of circumstances beyond our control. However, no matter how it came about, I’m loving the tranquility and time to refocus and be energized during this surprise White Mountain vacation.

Outside the sound of birdsong echoes in the crisp air as these colorful blues and reds flit about from this branch to another, occasionally shaking down small showers of snow as they set down on the burdened branches. The Creator has equipped them with what is needed to survive and thrive in this cold winter clime.  The presence of these joy-filled birds this morning reminds me that His plans for me are good and I should always embrace my day-to-day situations whether enjoyable or troublesome, with this very thought in mind.

While we have been here, my son has kept busy working on projects that can be done now to speed up the work in PA when we return next week. I have been without much to do beyond keeping the home fires burning in the cabin, enjoying the beauty surrounding me and reflecting upon a lifetime replete with caregiving scenarios.  My children have begun to refer to me as this family’s Nanny McFee.

“When you need me but do not want me, I shall stay. When you want me but no longer need me I must go…” -Nanny McFee

While here I’ve been blessed. I try to repay the hospitality of our generous hosts in  small ways. Its not a big burden for me to babysit some adorable munchkins while their parents get a few hours of away time together. These hardworking people also have the hearts to be peacegivers to so many others and when it’s in my power to bless them I want to do just that.

My son and I traveled to NH on a short visit with a purpose. Our own plans were not His perfect plan for us. Things were taken away (the wrecked van) but things were also given; protection, an absolute reassurance that His eye is always watching and providing the needs even before we know that we have them!

I didn’t know that I needed a week in the back shack with little more to do than stoking the fire, listening to sounds of the nearby stream, watching the snowflakes pile up while the birds sang outside. I didn’t know that His plan was to give me this time to unplug from all my own self-imposed daily pressures, to come to terms over my growing concerns about not being present to share my service of caregiving to those with ongoing needs at several other places simultaneously.

I didn’t expect Him to answer my prayer for guidance and direction in this unexpected way, His supernatural plot twist; taking the power of personal plans out of my human hands and deliberately creating a Time Out in order to strengthen my wishy washy resolve to be more fully committed to writing my story.

I have prayed for Him to help me use the talent He gave. Writing for Him is obviously an important goal for me to accomplish at this point in my faith walk.

Oh, the unimaginable journey we go on when we submit to “go where I send, do what I say, don’t take anything…for I will provide!”

Stay tuned next week for more exciting adventures as I am Learning to Be A Better Me. Have a blessed week!


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