I Shall Go Boldly and Do His Will

by Annette Meyer

This past weekend was a beautiful one for me. I was blessed beyond measure to have all five of my offspring, along with most of the grandkids, aged 19 down to 4 months, together for several days of uninterrupted quality family time. I am told this is the first time with everyone present in almost 18 years!

As is usual all good things must come to an end. Family groups began exiting, waving goodbyes with “see you again soon” details listing everyone’s assorted plans for the next few months.

The son and I remained for an extra day in order to help with a bit of household repairs and upgrade work, just because little brothers without a schedule can make it happen, because he’s cool like that and likes to make his sisters lives a little sweeter whenever he can. (They used to spoil baby brother rotten!)

This morning, driving through the dark of night toward New Hampshire for a short visit with friends, to collect a few items, and for my son to get in a little snowboarding for fun, we unexpectedly encountered one of those moments when life takes a sudden, violent turn and a solid reminder of who controls all things is given.

One patch of black ice, and it was a wipeout. The van is most likely frame totaled, but we walked away with scrapes, bruises and a story of supernatural protection to share!

I often hear folks ask in times of trouble, “how can you say that you are blessed because you just…? That doesn’t seem like protection. Looks more like punishment.”

I would remind folks of the story of Job. Scripture tells us that he did no wrong, but the adversary (who is the accuser of the brethren) argued that it was because nothing ever went wrong in his life so of course he could afford to say he was blessed.

The Creator gave the adversary permission for Job to be attacked. In one hour, reports of complete carnage and catastrophe were brought to the man; he lost all his assorted herds of animals, the lives of numerous servants tending to them, and in the final blow, all of his ten children were killed when a house collapsed on them! ……all in one day!….

Job was shellshocked beyond imagination, but He did NOT sin even in great distress. Again the adversary accused him, saying his flesh would be his weakness. Satan was given permission to touch Job, but not allowed to take his life. He can only go as far as he is allowed.

The story of Job shows that he endured all the devastating blows–to his financial livelihood, status as head of a large family and household, and finally to his health–with an attitude of submission.

When harsh things happen to us in life, yes, we must assess as to whether we did indeed do something that would be deemed worthy of punishment, but we must also realize that bad things do happen to good people just as good things happen to bad people too!

Very often in scripture we see in the life stories of all the great people of faith; in order to fulfill a greater plan in the spiritual realm, one that we cannot see or understand right now in our humanity, it does look as if we are being troubled and not protected.

After the declaration from The Creator that Job had passed enough attacks from the adversary and had remained righteous under duress by his words and deeds, Job was not only healed, but everything that he had lost during the trial was doubly restored!

As Paul tells us, “all these bothersome things in life are only light and momentary troubles in the grand scheme of things!”

This morning my son and I literally walked away from what could have very easily been meant for our death. Today I thank The Father for saying “no farther” on our behalf! Today I will boldly say “Though He slay me” I will continue to serve Almighty Yahweh, the I AM who sits on His throne in heaven in whatever way He desires to use me.

After all, this fleshly body is not meant to be used forever. As with a butterfly, we live life, grow, develop in each of the stages.  Then when matured, our appointed time is chosen and we take on His perfection and fly.

The adversary will be destroyed in time. Do your best job now, even if it’s hard to gain eternity sometime soon!

I Shall Go Boldly and Do His Will as best I can; I hope you endeavor to live that way also.


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