The Tongue, the Ear, and What We Hear

by Annette Meyer

Several years ago I journaled a prayer that was deeply personal to my own life events at the time. Looking around I see how much more applicable it is to this entire world today.

Lashon Hora’: Hebrew meaning “the evil tongue.”


Father, the evil tongue is such a small weapon, yet does so much more damage than can ever be measured by our human standards, especially harmful towards the generations to come!

Our words are astoundingly powerful, can be used effectively to build up or to viciously maim and tear down! I ask that today Your guiding spirit would make each of us especially aware our our every word, the exact tone of our speech, and the true intentions reaching upwards from the depths of our heart for which those words are spoken.

Father, we must be made fully aware of the agendas of our choices. By each word rightly divided, constantly remind us to be conscious of your written warning; that whether they are spoken for good or for evil, there is a recording angel working full time; an unbiased witness designed for hearing and writing down each word that leaves our lips. Our own words and their effect upon others will be used to decide for or against us when we stand before The Righteous One on the Day of Judgment!

Father, open our ears, affect our minds, convict our hearts to choose wisely at every moment. We must be deliberate in rooting out every seed of negative thought that is designed to blossom and do damage, whether to ourselves or intentionally directed at others. MAKE US UNDERSTAND that we alone are in control of our words and deeds.

Let our words be constantly filtered by your guidelines for positive emotions, by the Fruits of your Spirit!

Character assassination is responsible for ever the increasing evil. The Deceiver desires to draw us into our own destruction by encouraging us and goading us into lashing out and reacting in a negative way. If we cannot speak accurately, shut our lips until we can be aware and truthful!

Help us to meet antagonism from others firmly, with your Peace, making it possible to see through the cloud of reactive aggression, to respond appropriately, especially to those who wish harm to us, returning your good for their evil, in mercy and in kindness toward those who are struggling with this destructive spirit flowing out from their pain, 

Let us become the purified instrument that you can use to project your healing Love, mercy and grace upon the brokenness of this world!  

Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart be acceptable in your eyes oh Yahweh!   Sela


In addition to being aware of the dangers from the tongue I see that the Hebrew word for EAR is ‘ozeh.’ The term “ozeh hora’ ” meaning “the Evil Ear” warns me not to participate in other ways. Its just as bad to encourage the evildoer by listening to their speaking and gossip as it is to say the words our ownself! What we do not resist and refuse to participate in, we allow and invite to come reside within ourselves!

Do I turn away, even feel repulsed (as scripture tells us we should) when others desire to share information that is literally none of our business?  This is an area where I must be aware of my own and other people’s motivations; to constantly stay on guard and approach situations with great caution.

One of my favorite quotes: If I am not part of the problem, or part of the solution, then I should not be involving myself in any of this matter except to PRAY for its resolution.

I am regularly reminded that I must set firm healthy boundaries in my own life, to be cautious of my every word and deed while still being readily available to lend an ear to hear, be willing to reach out a hand to assist, be emotionally supportive and have my heart desire to encourage those in times of great need and to not shrink back from helping in any physical need that I am capable of filling.  Our ongoing challenge is to be present in this earthly world, but not allow ourselves to become wrapped up and held captive by the pitfalls of this current evil society.

Through prayer we draw closer to The Source of All Life;  through submission we allow His hand to direct our experiences, through His loving mentoring, we learn of His desires for us and grow in our faith. All of this means that a solid one-on-one unbreakable relationship is built. As we walk in the difficulties of this life let us be constantly aware that we are in training for rulership in the next!

I am thankful for the kind comments of those who follow the blog and look forward to input as to your own insights should you so desire.

Have a BLESSED week in His Love!


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