Election Week Blues

by Annette Meyer

As MOST of the civilized world knows, this is election week in the good old USA.  In the whirlwind of political fervor, this meant we barely had time to catch our breath as the days almost blended together.

Monday was the “day before” when everyone was making their last ditch efforts to inspire, deter, convince, entreat, intimidate others to GO VOTE for a candidate on Tuesday.

Tuesday, “THE DAY we’ve waited for for so long!” Soon after the polls opened in each state the “I Voted” stickers began appearing on social media and lapels everywhere. Consternation and uncertainty about our future as a nation set the tone for the day. Tensions grew during the evening as polls in the Eastern states closed and numbers were tallied. News agencies with top anchors were eager to be first with the latest developments as the hours stretched beyond midnight. Much of the world watched with interest as our perilous political situation hung in the balance. Hillary, Trump, Trump, Hillary: positions changed with each new update; the waiting was suspenseful.

Wednesday, “the day after” arrived; before the sun rose in the morning sky those battle wearied sleepless “holding my breath till the final count” participants finally learned that the next President Elect had been officially named.

The news of the final victor came at last, much to the dismay of many and to the exceeding joy of just as many others. Somewhere in the middle of those two emotional extremes was a group of shellshocked voters and non-voters alike who are much less invested in all the incessant hullabaloo but were most certainly interested in the outcome.

Thursday finds our country in the next phase of the political turmoil process; the inevitable fallout. We all KNEW that anger, violence, and untold intolerable behaviors would happen at this announcement no matter who was declared the winner! Why? Because that has been the attitude of the entire campaign and on a broader scale, the world environment that we currently live in.

With each generation we have learned that when you do not like something you use that as an excuse to just go out and throw a temper tantrum until you get what you desire or till you’re finally worn out from the tirade, there’s nothing left to destroy, or the world’s focus is distracted by some other Drama fest; then you subside to murmur and complain till things shape up for the next battle opportunity.

My opinion: this uncontrolled behavior is unacceptable at any time. The rioting, rampant looting, the property damage will not gain their candidate their victory. No way will the “winner” say “ok, you’ve made your point, I now agree to give them the appointment instead because I was totally wrong this whole time!”

This destructive anger and misbehavior will very seldom improve the lives of any others, and usually only serves to devastate communities and small businesses that most often can’t afford to rebuild, not to mention the loss of life toll that often results.

This week will hold significant place in the memories of historical events for many reasons beyond our election pandemonium. This is yet another of those times when people will ask “where were you when…” and “what was your reaction to…”

What will you and I say and do while still living amongst all this constant unrest? Will we encourage, participate in, or continue to embrace this negativity, to remain constantly angry and volatile against people and the entire political process, to tear them down personally with our warlike words? I would hope not.

Brethren, it doesn’t matter whether our preferred candidate won or lost, or even if we chose to stand down and not vote at all–as I had chosen to do several times in my own past–but we are required to ask, what at this crucial time does matter the most?

It matters greatly that we do get involved in some positive way to improve the lives of people near us. Will we, as scripture tells us, be quick to put our hand out to feed the poor, to help the needy, to house the homeless, to bring comfort to the dying and lift up the hurting and the downtrodden? Our spiritual message and our political instructions in this broken world are to be the willing instruments doing His work on a daily basis, emissaries for a future righteous Ruler.

The news of the latest tumult on the political level is NOT what we are to be intently focused upon. It is in fact, quite easy to become distracted by the Adversary when we try to involve ourselves deeply in the negativity of all this drama and conflict.

Do we forget for a moment that ultimately, the subduing and controlling of the world scene is a job assigned to Our Messiah, not to us? Right now the Adversary is ruling and running rampant in his own darkness but his time is so short and will soon be ended forever. Always remember that it is Yahweh who raises up rulers and He puts them down at HIS desire. Trust His choices, for they are there to meet a need in His Greater Plan that we humans often know nothing about yet. Remember that Yahweh is on the throne and all things work into His Plan.

Meanwhile, our own job assignment is be humbly in prayer, to seek His will by following the leading of the Holy Spirit working within us; to be the willing servant, a sharp instrument to be used in the hands of the Master!

We are told to be diligent in allowing the intense light of His salvation to shine forth through us into the lives of others as we work daily to make our own calling and election sure.

So believers and people of good will, go forth, do positive deeds in a negative world, be a voice of reason in a loud and unruly time, allow the ministering of kindness to change people because they are deeply wounded and weary of the fight and desire to have for themselves the same powerful peace that they see dwells in us who come to them ministering in His LOVE.

I, above all else in life, desire to hear the announcement “Annette, All is finished, YOU have reached the number required to fill the office of Child of the King! Come up here and reign with me in My Kingdom forever!”


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