Ode to a Mississippi November Night

by Annette Meyer

Squeak porch swing, rustle, youthful kitten bravely chasing brittle leaves into the darkness, new baby kittens meowling and snuggling in with Mama Cat. A car dashes past, lights flashing and gone as a shooting star…strangers hurrying along on their own unknown journey.

Eyes closed, I hear the night. Quiet, peaceful, calm, creature calls echoing around; skin caressed by soft cool air, with sweet scent of Mom’s roses floating upon the wind; sigh, smiles and evenings relaxation! Squeak porch swing; my house slippers shuffling their soft scraping sounds along the concrete floor.

Startling; a sudden cacophony of roving coyotes erupts, jarringly loud and yipping eerily nearby, apparently from just across the three-acre woods! Barking farm dogs afar off join in stanzas of dog song to warn ‘you’re not welcome over here’ while unseen inhabitants of treetop nests above the yard collectively begin vehemently reacting. Daylight’s birds have been awakened, now whisper, irritated, squawking their sleepy protests at being suddenly roused by this wild pack of canine rudeness; dark surreal voices disharmoniously sounding into the night all around me… The combination of raucous furbearers and flustered feathered voices mix, clashing, creating a sinister otherworldly sound. Night itself seems to echo whispers of danger in the piney woods! Yard cats pause, on high alert at this eerie disturbance, ceasing their nighttime shenanigans and cautiously snuggling together into assorted piles of feline warmth and presumed safety in numbers.

My sweet revere sharply Disturbed; …just a bit saddened, it’s no longer a pleasant time to enjoy my outside haven. YAWN! Gonna leave this audible fiasco for Mr. Moon to watch over till it settles itself, taking my creeped out goosebumps flesh inside and snuggling into warm cozy comfort, hopefully to embrace more pleasant experiences in my dreams. Blessings to All!


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