Being still in a hurry up world.

By Annette Meyer

A plethora of scriptural directives tell me to rest, to wait upon Him, be still, be not anxious, embrace His peace, to have faith in His perfect timing and deliberately allow myself to be supernaturally led about while He positions me perfectly to work within His Will.

This means that I must intentionally place myself in a place of vulnerability and Trust Him to do the providing and the fighting for me. As some of you know, I have been intensely focusing upon walking in this type of “go where He leads me” lifestyle for these past four years, and to a lesser degree for much longer than that as I was being taught that less of me (letting go of the human need to think that I am in control) means truly embracing so much more of His Spirit coming to dwell richly within me!

So why, after all these decades of learning and so many periods of actually living this lifestyle successfully in my past am I so cotton pickin’ frustrated when I can’t make things happen right NOW today?  Sigh, obviously there’s that less than imperfect humanity in me trying to reassert itself again. As always, The Craftsman knows that the vessel is flawed and this is the perfect timing for more molding and shaping, meant to repair, and bring forth a deep down intensive soul cleansing! Spiritual cleansing happens all year long; gotta constantly focus to clear the walkway, to stir up the silt that has settled on the bottom of the pool, to get the dust swept out, to uproot any of those dormant weeds still lurking about.

Over the years I have learned that being made aware of when I’m entering into the next season of “waiting” and learning is exciting and yet for beginners, it can bring some anxiety along too!

This timeframe is where the concept of praying “Surprise Me” and then paying attention to what happens actually becomes quite personal! (More on that can be seen in a previous blog post.)

While learning the specifics of how to allow My Heavenly Father to do His perfect Will in my life by “waiting” and then moving how, when and where the Spirit leads, I’ve spoken to several hard core, Bible thumping, corner sidewalk fire and brimstone preaching believers who speaking for themselves think the concept is actually unscriptural.

Their dogmatic “you HAVE to go into the world and preach truth” mindset for effective worldwide evangelism is action packed, all make it happen and damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! I’ve actually heard a few say that time is too short and they can’t just wait around for doors to open, they must break them down to be able to fulfill the great commission! (I question how they can justify this stance with the scriptures telling us that He opens doors that no man can open, and closes them at His own will. Where does following the cloud and fiery pillar of the Exodus fit into this viewpoint? (But that’s for another post.)

So, where exactly does that more militant focus leave people who are obviously being instructed to follow this different, but just as viable, “WAIT ON ME” pathway?

I don’t want to question other people’s sincerity in their particular faith walk. I do see how the Spirit leads each of us on our own specific pathway that has been designed in the Master Plan for us. There are so many unique details in the lives of thousands of people that live around me, but when we stop to compare our personal stories, we can see how we all come to the same conclusions in each of the various lessons!

When given a scenario of being provided a full year off all expenses paid vacation away from a stressful job, envision what would your first week or so of this sudden freedom be like for you? Would you be all about maintaining that tight time schedule, rushing about and being super productive at self-imposed tasks despite there being no pressure whatsoever to perform, or rather is it the I have no worries in the world, this is MY time, I’m going fishing, I can read at the beach, to merely eat, drink and be merry, to sleep in till noon and laze around without a care in the world? Neither scenario actually fits the concept of scriptural waiting that I’m speaking of. Nope, not by any means.

Scriptural “Waiting” is not at all a passive situation to find oneself in; it’s hard work! While I am existing there in the physical “time out,” I obviously must continue taking care of the daily living necessities, but in the spiritual view I must become intensely focused upon letting go of all my worries, cares and concerns of this world, the human need to plan and figure out how literally to provide for myself. It’s about what He brings to me, not what I attain through my own actions. The goal in the process is to intentionally increase my abilities at growing in faith, forming an unbreakable bond, and building a solid foundation of unshakable trusting that He does mean to perform everything that He promises to His children!

I WILL PROVIDE doesn’t leave much room for misunderstanding the meaning of it. The Exodus story is only one example of His powerful ability to be this world’s Caregiver!  He fed millions with manna, abundant water for people and flocks, clothes didn’t wear out, shoes lasted for the entire 40 year trek! Bottom line–He is more than competent and capable. It is ALL about Him!

The tricky part: my main focus is to be on “go where I send you, do what I say.” I am not supposed to allow myself to try to figure out how to collect things to myself, nor to manipulate circumstances in any direction that I think they should go. After all, He DOES know everything already and what is best for me will be brought into my own life at the right time! That’s why we call them miracles, because we have nothing to do with the timing of when they appear!

As I go through my daily routine, I must be aware of the need to release the worrisome troubles in every individual situation, to keep my own careless hands from muddling up His plan, to continue to pray for His Power and His Peace to flow into the void as each of these cares are being removed, to receive clear and constant guidance in how to GET STILL and STAY THERE no matter how the storms may begin to rage around me.

I have to remember that the Adversary is always busy on this earth and he doesn’t want any of us humans to know this secret to overcoming all the perversions and negativity that he fosters with his own twisted plans. This earth is his now, but only for a given time. Be constantly wary, he is always seeking ways to distract and redirect you! Whatever happens, I am to remember that NOTHING can come against me that is not allowed by the Protector for whatever His wise purposes are designed to accomplish for me. (See the stories of Joseph, Esther, Job and so many others.)

Quite simply, all fear is doubt! When I fear any circumstance or tremble at the unknown, I am doubting the firmness of the unbreakable promise that Our Father has given to us all. He WILL be faithful at all times; to provide, to shelter, to protect, to lead, to guide and teach us how to be drawn closer in His Loving presence! Doesn’t mean we won’t ever have any troubles and hardships–does mean He’s there with us in the trial to support, to form an unshakable foundation of Faith, to encourage and bring through into eternity with Him!

So, all that being said, I am now encouraged and have reminded myself that “these light and momentary troubles” shall pass soon! It’s all good and it’s all gonna be alright!

This coming week I shall continue in my waiting, working daily to remind myself to give abundant praise in all times and all seasons. To smile and give thanks for every harsh circumstance, always asking to be forgiven by others and giving unconditional love and abundant forgiveness for those who despitefully use me. Realizing that the refining and purification process is uncomfortable and very often painful (even if that pain is merely an emotional one) makes it a bit less strenuous!

Reminds me of lyrics of a song: “I’m just an old lump of coal, but I’m gonna be a diamond someday!”

Our Savior knew all about this concept of WAITING and lived his entire life guided by it. He walked in the perfect timing (always in the right place at the right time to perform every miracle we read about). He taught his Disciples how to find and stay in this blessed peace that passes all understanding. He always served in the Perfect Will of His Heavenly Father. Can any of us allow ourselves to do any less than that? I’m all about the waiting right now.


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