In the Quiet of the Night

By Annette Meyer

Restful night sounds of clock tick, tick, tick; hum of fan and air, a muffled cough from a sleeper in the next room, abundant summer bug life outside the curtained windows calling constantly in the predawn hour, inside the quiet house the darkness again caresses us as Daddy once again settles back to relax and sleep for just a wee bit more before the sunlight brightens. I tuck him in with reflection upon our gentle middle of the night routine.

In the night I help Daddy as he lies back quietly on his pillow enjoying our times of peaceful togetherness. Tonight he asks me to pray with him. I take his hand and softly begin to speak aloud now, openly sharing with him the thought prayers that are constantly running through my mind these days. Such priceless, precious moments spent in sweet companionship, between my earthly father and me, while both together entering into the spiritual realm of our Heavenly Father’s presence.

After I finish my own thanksgiving, I stand at the bedside listening to my Daddy’s quiet prayers of gratitude for his lifetime of blessings; the faithful wife that loves him unceasingly, for each of his children, the grandchildren, and great grandchildren…  his voice breaking with emotion in deepest gratitude for The Truth received in the GIFT of a loving Messiah that leads him to eternal Life. All these things having been given incrementally from His youth when that never failing guiding light that has shined upon the only path that he constantly sought to follow throughout all these decades began to glow!

Now frail of body; his physical 80 years moves slowly with the ravages of time, yet he still remembers to call upon the Source of All Our Strength, asking as always for his faith to be strengthened, renewed, fanned into flames, to be enabled to witness to others and to quietly endure each moment and maintain himself within the Fathers will. He speaks the vision that he will be lifted up from his bed of affliction to again walk boldly, to continue his lifestyle of witness and be better able to use his talents given in praising HIM more!

There is NO amount of money in this universe that is enough to buy from me these sweetest of times spent with my physical Father! Our nighttime discussions and the time spent gently holding his feeble hand while we both quietly pray and praise serves to encourage me into a closer spiritual walk as this humble man’s lifetime supply of faith flows strongly from his heart… directly into mine.

I am the promise in the next generation, the eldest daughter, I am a beloved child of his youth, having been guided and nurtured in love to walk in integrity and seek this same Truth wherever it may be found along my own pathway.

I have walked elsewhere for decades and the cyclical pathway has now directed me back home again. I am now present here due to spiritual guidance and provision; able to honor Daddy in his old age; this payback made possible only by the grand design of my Heavenly Father’s perfect plan working its way throughout both our lives.
I am daily blessed to be “home” giving back as a caregiver in this physical realm, yet all the while, I know that I am receiving abundantly more than I could have ever imagined  possible in the spiritual realm; this priceless gift of time gently passing, of literally seeing and being drawn more deeply INTO the very core of my earthly Daddy’s lifelong FAITH walk.

Joyful teardrops ease onto my pillow at the realization of the total amazingness of all things that cannot possibly be accomplished by humans, but are so freely and abundantly given to those who desire to seek HIS Face!
How can I begin to count my blessings? I am forever humbled!


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