“These Three Trees” by Jared Leys

On a day like this one, where I’m sitting inside at the computer, staring out the window at the bright blue sky and the bright green leaves of spring, I can’t help but wonder at how much I’ve been missing.  I’ve learned an awful lot by reading my bible, listening to great sermons, speaking with family and friends about the grand and complex meanings of life, and worshiping my Creator through songs and hymns that go down to the depths of my spirit.  And yet, how much have I really seen?  What have I truly understood?

Yahweh—Mighty One, the One who created it all, Maker Himself—gave us a few slim volumes of text, which record His words and wisdom of His followers.  He gave us poets and singers and dancers and artists of every sort to lead us in expressions of beauty.  And all of these things are good.  We are human, and these are human ways of understanding and finding truth.

But what about the grandest learning tool He has given us?

Just through my window, I notice three trees—one closest, the next in the medium distance, and one more nearly a football field away—all with leaves that would be called green, and branches that reach up toward the sky.  The light hits these three trees in patterns that cause shadows which make it possible to distinguish a few leaves from each other, even upon the same branch.  And from tree to tree, the specific patterns of each is described by a different shade of green—I don’t know whether it is because of higher and lower concentrations of chlorophyll or because of the way the branches and leaves have grown on each particular tree—showing uniqueness in these individual growing things.  I pass by each of these three trees nearly every day.  I have had plenty of opportunities to look out of my window and observe them.  But it is today when a sudden longing for a greater knowledge—a wiser and more complete understanding—fell upon my heart and mind.

My brain now demands of me that I consider a myriad of questions regarding these new deciduous friends of mine.  Which one is my favorite, I find myself asking.  Does it even make sense to have a favorite out of these three specific trees?  Aren’t they all beautiful?  What about those trees next to the one in the background?  I’ve decided to ignore them for the purposes of my ponderings up to this point, but is there any reason to consider any of them less of a tree than the others?

Most of these questions are silly.  Most of them surely won’t lead me to a grander and deeper understanding of my place in creation, or my purpose as a servant of Yahweh.  But I also know that it can’t hurt to ask.

There is a wide array of wild and wonderful things throughout this vast planet we reside upon for now.  And beyond, in the greatness of the stars and galaxies far past our imaginations, there is immense beauty to be learned about the Creator’s plan for all things.  It is more than we can ever know.  It is an endless supply of questions to be asked.

And now, because I bothered to look out the window and observe these three trees, I find a desire to seek out those questions, and ask them as often as I can.  I know not to forget the wisdom of scripture and the experience of those who have gone before me in service to our Creator.  I know that it is wise to remember that this world is no more than a shadow of a heavenly creation.

Yet, I wonder if it would be unwise to not ask what lies beyond, what waits around the next corner, or what makes these three trees distinct in certain ways and similar in some others.  There is much to be explored in creation, and we are blessed that the Creator has made it beautiful.  May we continue to travel onward and find something new.  Something grand.  Something exceptional.

Something true.


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