Blog: “Oh Look, A Deadline!” by Annette Meyer

What? Another week has passed and its time for the Wednesday blog; already! And of course, its now crunch time for this writer’s submission! Not that I planned it that way; believe me, I pre-planned to be meticulously organized and assured myself that things will run smoothly at all times with this endeavor. I have a number of subjects in the works but they are definitely in the rough draft stage so they won’t work for this week.

You dear reader might ask, why am I now down to crunch time without a polished post? I can tell you in one word.

Distractions; the bane of every writer’s existence at times!

My personal definition of the word Distractions – getting a whole lot of nothing productive done and taking a lot of time to do that.

My distractions come in all shapes and sizes, usually occurring when I least expect them to and always when I can’t really spare the time for them! I think its that way for most busy people.

If I was an uninformed onlooker, I would probably think that I have ADHD when it comes time to write, except that it’s not usually me who is distracting myself. It’s me running to the aid of someone else in the house at a moment’s notice that so often interrupts my creative flow, leaves me feeling scatterbrained and definitely fills my sentences with dangling participles, thereby forcing a rewrite. I may actually have to leave home to get some effective writing done! But that’s enough about the struggle. (Note to self; excuses are often self induced distractions in disguise, must attempt to avoid them as well.)

Near the end of this last week I did manage to do some extensive stream of consciousness writing that reminds me of how peaceful the setting in our house was on that day. The words seem so very poignant in light of the ongoing massive devastation that we currently see on the daily news. My prayers for safety, strength and endurance for all involved in the current rescue and recovery effort are continuing!

So, here’s a taste of that journal entry;  stream of consciousness:

2016-8-12: Its raining. It has been raining since yesterday. It is expected to continue raining till tomorrow, and regularly throughout the next week. That’s a whole LOT of water collecting in the rain gauge! And we ourselves here in MS are not in the areas where the heaviest amount of rain is forecast to fall, its gonna be a mess!

The Big Picture; Writing MUST become a daily habit for me. Consistency is key.

The constant strumming and thrumming of raindrops splashing around makes this a sleepy kind of day. I see through the kitchen window that the hummingbird flits in and out around the feeder; doesn’t seem to mind the soppy wetness a bit.

Chickens and roosters noises come riding up the hill to the house, carried on the slight wind that moves the clouds along. Their squawking lets me know that they haven’t drowned in the downpour yet. (I’m kidding, they’re not in danger of rising waters, just splashing from the small waterfalls in overflow spots from the roof that may be spilling through the pens because of the volume of rainfall collecting on the roof above them.) From experience, I know that any eggs that are laid outside are more than likely covered in grime, buried treasures in the sand, or they have floated and rolled down the hill in the rivulets of water eroding away at the once grass-covered hill under the sheltering branches of the trees where my brother placed the dog-run cages that they use for roosting, shelter and protection at night. The cats will enjoy any eggs that aren’t deposited safely in the nests and I shall walk cautiously, while hoping that I don’t inadvertently step on any of these buried treasure and have to endure the ensuing smell of rotten egg! Definitely not my favorite scent!  Pew, stinky doesn’t even begin to describe it! Wow, how did I daydream myself into that scenario?

Meanwhile, back to reality in the house on this hill. All is quiet, calm, restful and serene. Everyone else is napping as I take this opportunity to write. The soft tick-tocking, quiet humming and bumping of household appliances echoes randomly from various directions, yet somehow in the constant white noise of living in the electrical age there’s a calming synchronicity with the rhythm of the rain on the hot tin roof.

I am receiving a summons; the voice of a parent calls and I must go. Darn, just when I was getting the writing muse all warmed up and ready to accomplish something amazing! I sure wish I could hold onto that thought! No time to write it down either, drats! Maybe I’ll remember, it could happen…

Addendum: Well, they’ve been awake and chatting for awhile now. She’s working on getting a Pizza order together for pickup soon. Duty calls and I must go now, literally…. I have to say that some of my distractions are more tasty than others!

Parting words: Whether aspiring to be a writer or not, all humans know about the pitfalls in “the best laid plans of mice and men.”  It takes lots of thought, planning and practice in every aspect of this life; physically and mentally to find one’s focus, get into the productive zone, and the hardest part of all is to learn how to be consistent enough To Stay There! The key to success; find a connection to The Source of all Life through an active prayer life. He promises us, Those who seek WILL Find Him. Let’s not allow life’s distractions to hinder us.

Hark, its a voice I hear! The King of the Universe is calling for me and I shall answer! I hope that you hear and willingly come unto Him as well.

May your coming week be blessed!


2 thoughts on “Blog: “Oh Look, A Deadline!” by Annette Meyer

    1. Thank you, we are well here. Some of my Mom’s relatives do live in the disaster area but I havent heard of any that have been displaced. Been thinking about yours in that area; I do hope that your relatives aren’t affected.

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