Blog: “On Being Perfected” by Annette Meyer

Photo by Jenna Comfort

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself!”

By way of self introduction, I’m letting you know up front that I’m stepping out of my box today. Having now firmly committed myself to the schedule for weekly blogging here on Second Man Publishing, I’m taking deep breaths (more like hyperventilating when I think about it!) and pushing aside my fears of not being good enough to go public. I’m just gonna fully embrace a positive focus on how to BE the consistent, polished writer that I have always desired to become.

I don’t expect this blog to be “preachy” or “prophetic”, but as I do try to view the world around me through spiritual eyes and always measure myself and sometimes others accordingly, it invariably may slip in on occasion. I also love to smile, share laughs, encourage others and sometimes I even cry, so if perchance any particular week’s subject matter isn’t quite your cup of tea, I do understand. One of our human traits is that we are not often going to be in total agreement within the Body. Please simply scroll onwards and be blessed! Thank you in advance for reading my ramblings!

On Being Perfected… and other hazards!

I confess that I’m a people watcher! As I view this broken world today I am regularly reminded of how Our Father in heaven asks us to become more like Him (to grow spiritually) by doing the exact OPPOSITE of our human nature!

When we want to run in fear
He says Peace, Be Still.

When we want to yell and cry fowl,
He says Answer Not your Accusers.

When we want to lash out in self-defense,
He says Turn the Other Cheek.

When we are primed and ready for war,
He says Feed Your Enemy, Promote Peace!

When we hold on tightly to everything,
He says “Let it all Go, I will provide!”

When we’re asked to walk a mile,
He says Walk Two, (AND give them your cloak!)

When we hesitate, balk, even cower in fear,
He says Go Boldly, Step Out In Faith!

When we’re beaten down by an onslaught of struggles, crushed by the pressures of this world, our efforts and plans all having come to naught.

Maybe we eventually realize that we are at the end of our own abilities and cry.

When we FINALLY choose to turn toward Him…….
Defeated we whisper, Abba Father.

And Gently He wipes our tears and says, “MY child, I’ve been waiting for you! Now take my hand and let’s get busy fixing this thing. Come walk with me and TRUST ME!”

When I compare the unquestionable perfection of the Messiah as He lived on this earth in human form, my thoughts must center upon how I (we fallible humans) can go about effectively changing from within.

My conclusion: the positive long-term change comes for me with a recurring daily decision; sometimes it’s necessarily a moment-by-moment action in the way that I choose to respond in any given situation. Is my immediate reaction a positive one or a negative one?  Do I build walls, hold onto a grudge, and encourage hatred to grow within, or can I intentionally focus on forgiveness and encourage Love to abide and be firmly rooted inside me?

I already KNOW what the Messiah would do; the decision is always up to me as I seek to follow His perfect example!

My motto: Pray without ceasing; and remember that I can (and will) do all things through Yahweh who strengthens me! :-)


2 thoughts on “Blog: “On Being Perfected” by Annette Meyer

    1. Well, thank you for the kind words. I think you are amazing too; will try to keep your good opinion of my efforts during the coming posts, lol. Thanks for being a faithful friend! 😀

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