Writing about Beauty

by Jared Leys

Lately, I’ve been thinking about nature and beauty, and what it might mean to share these things through writing.  What does it take to express a feeling or observation about the beauty I witness when I go for a walk, or take a drive out of state, or even just look at the trees on the other side of the my living room window?

One of the conclusions I come to is that this is what art – in the form of writing, in this case – is all about.  It’s an attempt to share a story, even a brief one, about something newly discovered.  It’s taking action toward the goal of exploring and explaining the parts of being human that are only given a passing glance by science and industry.

With that in mind, here’s a  poem I wrote while looking out my back window:


Out of the green sunburst,

Needling to the side

The new treetop reaches

Far out and away,

Still growing from home,

Still pushing out into the air.


Keep climbing under the blue sky,

Rest soon in the green

Grain and dust foundation,

As sounds together form sets

Amidst this potential for growth

Under foot and under blade.


Breathe it in beyond out there,

As light fades to borders in here,

And the unfolding cone of life

And of light and of why,

Finding new hope in the climbing,

So reach to the sky, and reach high.

As I wrote, I considered the interaction between myself and the outside world.  I thought of what I pulled out of it and what it pulled out of me.

So how do you view the world?  What inspires you?  What is beautiful?  How do we observe the Creator in His creation?  Maybe sometimes all it takes is a few moments of interaction for something new and wonderful will be discovered.

And then once it’s been found, maybe do something about it.


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