The Very Short Stories – Part 5

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Two more Very Short Stories! We hope you enjoy!

Quite Frozen
by Obadyah Owen

It’s amazing, as they say, that a song can bring back a memory.  Hearing Gnarls Barkley’s CRAZY blaring over the dance club’s loudspeakers didn’t so much as bring back a fond or otherwise outstanding memory as much as it described the situation I was in.  Crazy definitely fit the bill.

I looked beyond the gun barrel pointed at my face at the sun burnt and sinewy hand that held it. My gaze traveled up his tanned arm, past his shoulder and to his face. There, to my surprise, glaring at me with eyes of cold hatred, was my own father!



The Reward
by Scott Leys

No turning back now.  He had revealed himself, revealed his true motives, revealed whose side he was on. Now he could only wait. Freedom and fear battled for his mind. Release, liberty, no regrets. He had done the right thing. He was born for this moment…perhaps his life had been designed for this moment even. These were difficult times. Discerning right from wrong wasn’t easy. The most important thing was that he had protected his family.  That’s what a man of faith had to do. Some would call it a betrayal, others an act of righteousness. His reward awaited him.


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