The Very Short Stories – Part 4

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Two more Very Short Stories! We hope you enjoy!

The Idea
by Jared Leys

He had this plan in his head, so he wrote it down.  But then time and again the opportunity never arose for his plan to be fulfilled.  He worried and griped to heaven about the lack of chance to see his work done.

“It could be great!” he told himself.  “It would be wonderful!” he argued.

And yet still he waited. And waited. Time carried forth and he sat in his mixed doubt. Finally, he considered that maybe his idea was just too large. So he took his idea, folded it in half and got to work.


Mother Warrior
by Bokerah Brumley

I am a mother.

I guard the heart of my family.  I sow seeds of joy, grown with smiles and laughter. When I look fear, dread and failure in the face, and still sing songs of contentment over my family, I make our family-heart strong.  My weapons are laughter, sparkling eyes, tickles, smiles, winks and a strong sense of order. I will make this the haven where we all find quiet, fiercely keeping all battles outside my walls.  I will make peace and contentment what my children call “home.”

I am a mother – the keeper of this family-heart.


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