The Very Short Stories – Part 2

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Today, we would like to share two of the 10 Very Short Stories that were published in the recent edition of Unfrozen. We hope you enjoy and consider subscribing to the magazine!

A Missed Opportunity
by John Robinson

A young man decided to learn the skill of cabinet making so he approached a local cabinet maker to ask him how it was done. The cabinet maker said he would be glad to teach the young man the skill and offered him a job as an apprentice. He said he would pay him entry level wages for 2 or 3 years while training him. However the young man replied that he did not want to be bothered with all that work, he just wanted the man to tell him how to make cabinets. Then the older man told the young man that he could not help him and they were both sad as they parted ways.

Whom I Will Serve
by Chris Castillo

When I learned of Yahweh’s truth my husband and I had our two boys and I was pregnant with our third child. I am thankful that our children were young and grew up learning about Yahweh’s word and they are all in this walk with my husband and me. We are blessed to have four wonderful children now and choosing as a family to serve Yahweh!


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