The Very Short Stories – Part 1

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Today, we would like to share two of the 10 Very Short Stories that were published in the recent edition of Unfrozen. We hope you enjoy and consider subscribing to the magazine!

It’s 80° Today, Time To Get Unfrozen
by Annette Meyer

Deadlines close, 100 word limit, hmmm.

No problem if I can’t shake this writers block! Inspiration must come; write what I KNOW!

I know on this shaded balcony the baby is cooing & giggling, kicking & wiggling, protected from the Southern sun, with a panoramic view of neighborhood rooftops amongst trees. Birds swooping, rejoicing in their songs as the dry breeze proves that the aroma of the neighborhoods freshly mown grass can overpower the lawn mowers fumes.

I’m marveling at Yahweh’s simple beauty as another aroma creeps into my musings. There’s that handsome baby smiling expectantly at me. Diaper? Again!

Someone Not So Far Away
by Tali Jenkins

Once upon a time in a not so far away land there was someone. And many more someones. And there was joy and peace and prosperity. Then there came across the land a terrible disease that caused everyone, except the first someone, to become terribly sick. But that someone discovered the cause of the disease and a terrible fight ensued that conquered the disease and everyone was cured.


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