Fearless Love by Gershom Romain

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Ducks 1 by Jenna Comfort

Here you are again, torn and broken,
Those three sweet words, you wished unspoken,
Regret has shown its ugly face,
as love has flown your heart with haste.
Many times before you’ve been down here,
so brutally wounded, left in fear,
of walking down that narrow path,
to find the fulfilling thing you lack.
But ask yourself, what have I done wrong?
Love’s supposed to be an eternal passionate song,
but again and again I’m left in pieces,
as I give in to hate’s fangs and hisses.
Consider this, as you wipe your tears,
dry your eyes and face your fears,
have you even thought that you don’t have more,
because you love with one foot out the door?
You talk of love as a powerful force,
that causes the deepest doubter to change his course,
but why are you still on this broken track,
if love’s supposed to have your back?
Could it be that you’re afraid of getting hurt,
to the point that you remain alert,
of any little thing that they may do,
to challenge, oppose, or offend you?
This paranoia can take its toll,
on both partners in relationships, young or old.
So loving in fear isn’t love at all,
because you’re solely afraid of giving your all.
What if they acted the same as you?
Giving only fifty percent to you too?
Would the two of you even last a week?
Chaos would ensue at an argument’s peak.
Or how about this, they gave their all,
and your effort remained considerably small,
would love be found in that atmosphere?
Surely you would hurt them; this inequality is grossly unfair.
Well then what are you left to do?
Confess that your love has been untrue?
Beyond that point two options remain,
abandon the search, ultimately refrain,
or open up to a higher element to attain.
Fearless love is a risk, this much is true,
But that’s what love has always been,
To give it your all and hope for the best,
with no negativity within.
You may get hurt, blamed and accused,
of something you didn’t commit,
but its a sure way of proving if their love is true,
if you only unleash it.
So love fearlessly fully, but carefully,
with eyes wide open,
so they can feel what you can give,
beyond three sweet words spoken.
So this is it, the basic thing, that you will have to do.
but don’t you worry, this time around, the fault will not be in you.
At worst, the heart is a muscle like any other that you have,
after an injury, it heals to become much stronger than when it began.


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