Unfrozen Issue #2 – Letter from the Editor

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Dear Readers,

This is the second issue of Unfrozen. We’re making progress! We’ve published more than one edition! In celebration of this second issue, I invite you to read it. You just might find it enjoyable. And if you do, we’d like to hear your feedback. In fact, if you don’t enjoy it, we would still like to hear your feedback.

First up in this issue, we have what I’ve decided to call The Very Short Story Project. If you read the introduction below, you’ll see why it’s called that. However, here I would like to say that part of the importance of this project to me is to promote or express the idea that sharing stories can be very important. Share a story with someone. It takes no more than one person to tell the story and one person to listen. Personally, I think that accomplishing such a simple interaction is very much worthwhile. So read the 10 Very Short Stories below. They are all quite interesting and worth reading.

Following this, in the Nonfiction section I offer a piece called “Jephthah’s Purpose” which examines the idea that Yahweh tends to choose as his those who are weak according to the view of the world.

In the Fiction section, we have a story by Jenna Comfort called “Sticks and Stones” which very seriously addresses the issue of suicide and explores just how much life is worth.

Under Poetry, we have two poems. One by Gershom Romain called “Fearless Love”, which wonderfully addresses the careful intricacies of love in a relationship. And then I share a poem of mine called “Rejoice, Rejoice”, which is really just a simple song of praise and worship.

We hope you enjoy the content in this issue of Unfrozen! And remember to keep on thawing; you are loved.

Sincerely and with much love in Yahshua the Messiah,

Jared Leys


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