Share Your Very Short Story – Become Unfrozen

GTML PhotographyTelling a story is one of the most basic forms of communication that we have as humans. Stories are possibly every bit as popular as sharing essential information, but with a major advantage–people love stories.

There’s nothing quite like a story to express one’s experiences or thoughts. Because of this, stories are extremely important to us. By sharing stories, we get to know each other better. By getting to know each other better, I think we learn how to love one another.

And love, as we know, can heal a multitude of pains. This simple idea is much of what Second Man Publishing is about. Likewise, it’s much of what Unfrozen.

With this preface in mind, I am inviting everyone to contribute a story of their own to the next issue of Unfrozen. A short story. A very short story.

The rules are as follows:

1. Tell a story about anything you want to tell. The story can be in any genre and on any subject, just make sure it’s the story you want to tell–fiction or non-fiction (or even a poem).

2. The story must be very short. It must be 100 words or fewer in length.

3. The story must come with a title. (The title does not go against the word count).

4. Submit the story by email to, or post it to the SMP Facebook page.

**All entries due by Friday, June 14, 2013.**

The stories will appear in the next issue of Unfrozen. Along with this, the stories will appear online. I look forward to reading all of the submissions and to finding out what might become of this project.

May you all be blessed in the Messiah.


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