Introducing Unfrozen – Letter from the Editor

Artwork by S. Joy Troester
Artwork by S. Joy Troester

Dear Readers,

Second Man Publishing is a company that is dedicated to serving the Body of Messiah by offering quality writing and art.  Unfrozen is dedicated to the same purpose.

In this magazine, you will find writings from a variety of people on a variety of topics, but all with the same goal in mind: to point to the Kingdom of Yahweh our Heavenly Father, and to make known the love, sacrifice, and hope of our Savior, Yahshua the Messiah.

The continuing theme of this magazine beyond this main purpose is described by the title.  The idea is that we should be living life constantly seeking to be unfrozen.  That is, to never settle for being stuck in the same spot in life spiritually, day after day and time after time.  The art and writing in this magazine will seek to focus on this concept.  Just because life seems perfect or because life seems terrible doesn’t mean that our Heavenly Father wants us to stop seeking Him or to stop moving forward.

So with this in mind, let’s take a look at the authors in this first edition of Unfrozen:

First, in the nonfiction section of the magazine, we have an article by Gershom Romain called “Is There Not a Cause?” which explores the idea of cause and effect and how it relates to Yahweh’s purpose and kingdom.  Following this, we have a short personal essay by Yah-Hanna Jenkins called “Dear Tali” which talks about the wonderfulness of childhood and how much life  can change—perhaps for both the good and bad—as we grow up.

In the fiction section, we have a story written by me called “Goodnight, Dear Sister”.  This is a story about the struggles that families sometimes go through as their children grow and try to make their way in the world through the pains inflicted in the home, oftentimes unintentionally.

Then to finish in the poetry section we have four poems by three writers:  Reece Wells, Yah-Hanna Jenkins, and Jenna Comfort.  (Note: the writings by Jenna Comfort originally appeared on her blog at  We thank her great for letting us use her work.)

We hope you enjoy this first issue of Unfrozen and we look forward to hearing from you with feedback and any submissions you think we may be interested in reading.

Sincerely and with much love in Yahshua the Messiah,

Jared Leys


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